About Us Hong Kong Headquarter

Brief Introduction to DigPro Group Headquarters

DigPro Group has four member companies, with the Group headquarters as the center, closely connected with each other.

DIGPRO brand as the Group headquarter, copyright holders of certificates and with the right of variety of products, determine the company's development strategy.

We have the world-class level of scientific research laboratory facilities and technical equipment to support the technological innovation and new product development, enhanced the development advantages and ensured the company's core competitiveness.

Digpro integrated research & development, production and sales all together and hence reducing the production costs and administrative costs. The low-cost production benefits to Digpro distributor, helps to increase the rate of return and improve market competitiveness.

DigPro Group

Formulate Development Strategy, Monitor Members' Operation Efficiency, Promote Global Business Development, Expand Overseas Market and Distribution Agreement Sheenwill International (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Development and Management of Retail Business (Products and Services) in Hong Kong

Eastern Color International Ltd. - The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Incumbent Company

Operating 360IMG network platform, AR technology and network program development, group computer technology support

Great Innovation Ltd.

Hong Kong product development units, focus on product development and pre-product R & D design

Shenzhen Digpro Photography Equipment Ltd.

Product production base, China market development and agency licensing, China product development units (structural design and molding)