About Us Development Path

Digrpo Group Limited, formerly known as Sheenwill International (H.K.) was established in 1999. Sheenwill International (H.K.) was a company specialized on importing and exporting photography equipment and photography accessories. In this information and digital age, the expansion of E-commerce significantly increase the demand of commercial photography. Therefore, in 2005, we started to invent and produce our own commercial photography accessories and invest in our own production line. In 2005, we created our own branding “Digpro” to fulfil the marketing demand on commercial photography.

We have been engaged in this industry for more than 17 years, with our customer-oriented spirit, we constantly look for the needs and wants of our customer. Eventually, in 2007, we set up our product positioning and initiated the first 360o product photography system to provide a photography solution to our demanding customer. Beyond our expectations, Digpro 360 o product photography system became a new milestone in this digital age.

With the core of 360 o product photography system, we also invent different peripheral equipment to assist our customer to create 360 o image, including iPhotoBox, LED ring light studio kit, professional studio lighting set, photography accessories and so on. Utilizing the products from Digpro, our customer can instantly and easily to construct their own professional studio at home or in the office. In just a few minutes and simple steps, the end-users can create professional product photos, 360o image or even an AR image without the need of advanced technical skills and photographical techniques.

After the development and expansion of seventeen year, we received the positive recognition from different users continuously and there are more than 100 international organization is using our product. Nowadays, Digpro become one of the most famous photography equipment company in the world and we are exporting our product to different countries.